It Gets Better: A Message to Empower Broadcast Journalists Everywhere

Sometimes, life just happens.

Before you know it, you will graduate from college, start a job and, for the first time, feel like a real adult.

In my 20’s, I thought I could take on the world — nothing stood in my way. I worked my way up reporting at NBC in Lubbock, Texas, to starting a show at ABC in Tampa, Florida. Everything seemed to just fall into place. I was making an impact by telling stories. I helped families deal with heartache, women get their voices heard, and even entertained people by joining a cat circus for the day. I was doing my civic duty, or so I thought…

Little did people know I was miserable and there are countless others like me. I spent the holidays away from my family, lost connections with old friends and constantly felt sleep-deprived working overnight shifts. The news seems glamorous on-air, but it’s far from it. Nowadays, managers care more about attracting a specific audience than telling a story that matters. That’s why I left. I needed to be able to express my creativity without losing my ethics or myself.

Right now, there is a huge shakeup in the broadcast industry. Traditional newsrooms are trying to figure out how to survive in the digital age. For some, that means layoffs, while trying to maintain a “happy” workplace. I constantly have former coworkers; ask me, how do I get out? That burning question is why I decided to write this post.

First, I will tell you — it gets better.

As our lives become more mobile, so too has our media. Brands are heavily recruiting marketing professionals who are savvy in digital content creation. Not just any content, but video. Hubspot reports that video is growing in priority; with 48% of marketers planning to add YouTube to their marketing plan in the next year, and 46% plan to add Facebook video. By 2019, Cisco estimates that video will make up 80 percent of all internet traffic. Companies want high-volume, a fast turnaround, and videos optimized for specific platforms, both short-form, long-form, and live. A perfect combination for seasoned news professionals used to working on tight deadlines.

Almost two years ago, I started working for The Penny Hoarder after doing a story about it on the news. What are the odds? I couldn’t believe there was a digital media company that valued your ideas and, most of all, work-life balance. I can now say I’ve created something from the ground up. It’s everything I dreamed of and more. I just didn’t know it until now.

I’m about to turn 30, and I’m finally figuring it all out. But I still have so much to learn. The media industry will continue to change. It’s how you react that matters. One thing that remains constant — I want to help people and make a difference. I will do that by improving visual experiences for consumers and staying on top of new trends. You can too.

Therefore, I will use this website as a tool to empower, guide, and entertain those who want to follow. As everyone throughout my career has always said, I, Christie Post, will be Keeping You Posted.

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